isolating an image

Lately, I’ve been working on using layer masks in Photoshop.  I’m trying to learn how to isolate parts of pictures to be used in combination with another picture.  This means I need to isolate the part of the first picture that I want to use in the composite.

Sometimes that is easy.  Sometimes it is not.

I’m never sure which selection tool is best to use.  Then when I get to the refine edge part things never go quite as expected.  Especially when it comes to fly away hair or detailed pictures.  Then I read about a product in Photoshop User.  It’s called Perfect Photo Suite.  There is a part of the program called Perfect Mask that helps you do the hard parts of selecting an object.  I used it with some interesting results.  I found that it wasn’t always as easy as the guy in the video made it look.

I guess practice makes perfect…right?

This was my first try with Perfect Mask:

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3 thoughts on “isolating an image

  1. Masking hair is always very difficult task. I’m going to try Perfect mask to see how it works on such difficult areas 🙂 Your image look great on white, you did very good mask 🙂

    • I’m having a hard time with masking hair and making “perfect” selections. Even with Perfect Mask I get some residue that pops out when placed on certain backgrounds. Thank Goodness for layer masks which let me clean things up!! Lol

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