Photo Composite 2

Today, I wanted to replace the sky of a picture that was somewhat “monotone” in appearance.  And then I wanted to add some richer tones of color to the original picture to make it “pop!”

Once again, I used Perfect Photo Suite for masking.  The hard part was that the sky and the part of the picture that touched the sky were pretty much the same color.  This made it difficult for the program to distinguish between the two in order to separate out the sky.  It took a little extra work, but it was easier than it could have been.  I didn’t notice that I’d missed a few parts until after I’d added the HDR effects.  By that time I couldn’t change anything.  I just have to hope I get better at the masking with time.

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I used Photoshop’s free transform to flip the sky picture horizontally so that the lighting of the sky and of the spaceship were more realistic.  And then I also added a binary brush stroke that is one of the presets in my brushes.  I darkened the left bottom of the picture to have it match the overall tone of the picture and show that it was farther from the light.  Once again I used the HDR Surreal effect to get a great look.


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