Perfect Brush

I am still practicing with Perfect Photo Suite 7 using different masking techniques.  Today I watched a video on using Perfect Brush.  It is a nifty tool that you can use in a couple of different components of Perfect Photo Suite.

I wanted to add a subtle “umph” of color to the sky in this photo.  I also wanted to pick a photo that had some intricate details to really test out the Perfect Brush.  Both of the images I used for this experiment come from the Extras tab in Perfect Photo Suite.  I was pleasantly surprised with the results of Perfect Brush.  It didn’t do perfectly on some of the more intricate details, but overall it was successful.  I went into the Perfect Mask component to use the Magic Brush tool which allows me to select the colors I want to keep and the colors I want to drop.  This definitely gave me a more accurate mask!


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