Blend Modes – Screen

I am currently working my way through a great book on Photoshop layers: The Complete Guide to Photoshop’s Most Powerful Feature – Layers by Matt Kloskowski.  One of the lessons was really cute so I decided to have a go at it.  It was a picture of a little girl that had scribbles and her name added to the photo.  It was created by using layers and Screen blending.  I have never used the Screen blend mode before so I had no clue what it could do.

I discovered that it is a pretty cool blend mode.  In this project, this blend mode basically drops the black color out of your layer.  I used a couple of different royalty free pictures/vector images to create my project.  This actually a pretty simple project to do.  I simply selected the letters and images I wanted to use with my photo.  I copied and then pasted them onto separate layers on my photo.  I then set all the layers (except the photo) to Screen blend mode which hid all the black leaving only the other colors behind.  The only extra thing I did was make a copy of the heart vector image layer and apply a Color blend mode to it to make the pink popped out more.

I think this would make a cute gift for any little girl and her family.

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