Clipping Mask

Today, I experimented with Clipping Masks. They are clever little things. They can be used with Text or Brushes or Pictures. They can probably be used endlessly, but I just haven’t learned all the neat tricks to use with them!

I started out by creating a new document in Photoshop.  Then I added a new layer.  I grabbed one of my grunge brushes and painted on the new layer.  I then added some layer styles to give the brush some texture and depth.  I opened a photo putting it on the layer above my grunge brush layer.  I then right click on the photo layer and chose clipping mask.  I moved the photo to the position where I wanted it.  I then added a layer mask to the photo so that I could brush away the hard edges of the photo.  This blending them into the grunge brush layer better.

Clipping Mask


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