Grid Design – The Dame & The Duke

I tried another design from Corey Barker’s book Photoshop’s Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers.  This design used a grid as the main part of the design.  The hardest part about this design was that it was written for a different version of Photoshop (I have CC) than I have.  So I had to do a little bit of hunting for to find the Guides, Grids, and Slices.  Bing is my new best friend for all things Photoshop!

I played with the levels of the photo for awhile and finally got an nice “glow” look.  My version of Photoshop didn’t have the Diffuse Glow selection available under the Distort option in the Filter menu.  I couldn’t find it anywhere else (it was probably right in front of my eyes…) so I tweaked the photo to try and get the same kind of effect.  I used some layer masks and adjustment masks to get the overall coloring of the photo.  And then used a Gradient Map to strip out some the color in some of the boxes of the grid.


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