Science Fiction Composite (within another picture)

I have been doing some exercises in Core Barker’s book Photoshop’s Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers.  The one I’ve done this evening is compositing (is that even a word?) one picture into another via a clipping mask.  I am a veritable Sci-Fi junkie so I had to do a science fiction picture for this exercise.

I started out with the picture of the alien.  I then used channels to load the luminosity as a selection.  I then used another photo of a solar system to be placed into the luminosity selection.  This was accomplished by using a clipping mask so that the space photo fit inside the alien photo.  This lets you move the picture inside the other picture around until you like the placement.

It was then onto the text part of the picture.  I used a metallic style for the font.  I then copied that layer and chose a color overlay from the layer styles.  This allowed me to darkened up the text a bit without losing the silver metallic look.  I then added one final touch to the text.  I used the single column marquee tool and filled it with black to put lines above and below the text.

Here is my design for The Traveler:

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