Neon Art – A Story of Domicide

Today’s exercise is from Photoshop User magazine.  It is one of their Down & Dirty Tricks tutorials.  An iStock image of a couple on a couch was available for readers to download.  This image had already had the paths selected for the couch, couple, and books.  This made it really simple to do this exercise.  I need to learn how to create separate paths in a picture so I can do it with any picture.  That will be my next project…I think.

Anyways, I used paths to create strokes around each part of the photo.  Then with layer styles the “neon” look was achieved.  Felix Nelson, who was the teacher for the tutorial, showed readers how he used the photo he’d turned into neon art for the central art piece in a movie poster.  I created a mock-up movie poster using his poster as a visual template.  I didn’t have the actual layers that he used in his movie poster.  I simply had the small photo that was in Photoshop User.

P.S. I don’t think that “domicide” is a real word.  I used it to mean domestic homicide.  That will explain the true meaning of the movie.


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