Lighting Effects – Cigarette Girl

This is another lesson from Scott Kelby’s book The Adobe Photoshop Book for Digital Photographers.  I like how he used both Camera Raw and Photoshop for a lot of these tutorials.  For this exercise, I found a royalty free image of a girl sitting next to a weathered wall.  I opened the photo in Camera Raw because it was kind of light and I wanted it darker to make the lighting effects more dramatic.  I adjusted the photos exposure in Camera Raw and tweaked some of the other sliders as well.

I then opened the photo in Photoshop.  The next step was to add smart filters which means it doesn’t degrade my original photo at all.  I added one of all 3 of the different kinds of lighting effects (spot, point, and infinite).  The first effect was okay, but I decided I wanted more drama.  So I copied the layer and then tweaked the lighting effects a bit.  That was better, but I still want more “umph.”  So, I copied the layer again.  I liked how the photo was looking by this time, but I decided to make it “pop” a little more.  I added a high pass filter to sharpen it up some more creating a slight HDR effect.  I added a layer mask to clean up the little bit of glow on the edges that came from the high pass filter.

I’ve included each of the new layers of lighting effects so the progression of the photo can be seen.




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