Selections and Composites

Okay, so I must admit that I’m still working on my selection technique.  It is a lot harder than I was expecting.  It takes a lot of time.   Even with Photoshop’s Refine Edge option.

For this composite, I used the quick selection tool to select my subject out of the background.  I then worked in the Refine Edge mode for awhile trying to get it just right.  I was never able to get the hair perfect…Grrrrr!  Once I had a decent selection, I opened up a background image.  I then resized my subject image to fit better into the background.  I defringed my subject photo to take the fine white line along the outline off.  I added a color layer blending option on a separate layer from the subject after loading the selection of the subject.  I filled the 2nd layer with color that I picked from the background.  For this color choice, I chose the golden light up in one of the panels in the ceiling.  I then filled the 2nd layer with that color and lowered the opacity to about 33%.  This helped blend the lighting of the subject photo to match the background photo.

My subject still kind of looked “placed” on top of the background photo instead of being part of the picture.  I tried adding a HDR effect, but there were parts of the hair that just weren’t selected perfectly enough to do that.  So, I decided to blur the background image with a field blur.  This helped make the two photos look more like they were taken at the same time with the woman being the focus of the photo.  However, I still didn’t like how the hair looked when I zoomed in.  I decided to try an inner shadow layer style to see if that helped.  I think it did help some!  It also helped hide the hair selection flaws some.

The one last thing I did was to paint over the bright light reflection in the subject’s sunglasses.  I lowered the opacity of a soft brush and painted over the light.


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