Avenger Movie Poster

Today’s exercise came from the February issue of Photoshop User Magazine.  Corey Barker had an exercise in there to make a movie poster.  Instead of using the supplied photos, I used some royalty free photos that I have permission to use.  That way I can post the pictures.

I took the photo of the guy and free transformed the photo to get it to tilt.  I then used the quick selection tool to separate the man from the background of the photo.  I used refine edge to get a closer selection.  I then exported my selection to my project as a new layer with layer mask.  I then opened the second photo that I wanted to use as the background.  I selected the move tool to drag the photo over to my project.  Once I had the background in my project, I moved it in the layers panel so that it was behind my selection of the man.  The next step was to add a motion blur to the background.  I wanted the picture of the man to have more of an HDR look.  First I duplicated my entire project. Then, I went to went to image and selected adjustment then HDR toning.  I tweaked the sliders to give it a more grunge look.  Once I’d gotten it how I wanted it I dragged the copy onto my original.  I then moved the copy up to the top of the layers in the layer panel.  I then set the blend mode to hard light.  Because I wanted more of an HDR look I copied the layer of the man and used a high pass filter.  I repeated this step one more time.  I then added a type layer.  I used a variety of layer styles to get the type to look the way I wanted.

Here is my movie poster:

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