Sepia Textures

Today, I tried out a couple more Photoshop lessons out of Corey Barker’s book Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers.  The lesson was all about combining photos with textures.  To add an aged look there was also an adjustment made to hue and saturation.  I also added a couple of high pass filters because I like the subject to be a bit grittier and the lines more pronounced.

The first photo was of a girl.  I added the texture.  Then desaturated the texture to make it black and white.  Corey, called for an inverse of the texture to make more black areas.  My texture had more black areas without the inverse so I skipped that step.  I then changed the blending option to screen.  Next, I added 2 high pass filters by copying the image of the girl twice.  I changed the first copy blending option to hard light.  And the second copy I set the blending option to overlay.

For the second photo of the lion.  Switched things up a bit by added an Alien Skin filter impasto (fine brush).  I copied that layer and added a high pass filter to give me stronger detail in the lions face.  I then turned off the layer with the Alien Skin filter because it had the impasto to the texture as well as the lion.  I didn’t want a painted feel on the brick texture.  I then made a copy of the texture layer.  I moved it so that the brick showed up more clearly in the area where the lion’s mane was visible.  I created a layer mask on the high pass copy of the lion.  Using a grunge brush I painted in black over parts of the lion’s mane to fade out the brick and the man some.  I then applied a hue/saturation adjustment layer to give the photo a sepia look.

Both textures are purchased textures from graphic river by TanyDi.

Here is how they turned out:

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