Hi-Tech Effects

I worked on another Photoshop project from Corey Barker’s book Photoshop Down and Dirty Tricks for Designers today.  This time there was definitely a Sci-Fi edge to the project.  This is right up my alley since I’m a Sci-Fi junkie!

Instead of using the pictures supplied with the book, I created my own binary code background and used a purchased royalty free photo.  I created the binary background with a series of brushes.  When I got the binary design to look like I wanted I turned it into a pattern using the define pattern choice under the Edit menu.  I then opened up my picture of the guy on a dark background.  I added an adjustment layer choosing hue/saturation.  I clicked the colorize box and then adjusted the sliders to give the picture a bluish tint.  I then created a new layer filling it with 50% gray.  Then I clicked on the layer style choosing pattern overlay.   I choose the binary pattern I had saved.  Once the binary pattern was in place, I changed the blending option to overlay.

Some areas around the face were pretty heavily covered by the binary pattern overlay.  To fix that, I choose the gradient tool.  I then picked the foreground to transparent option and chose the radial gradient.  I then clicked and dragged the radial gradient around the guy’s face to remove some of the heavy binary pattern.  I then created a grid pattern by opening a new document in the shape of a small square.  I selected the entire square and then moved the selection down and over.  By hitting the backspace button I selected the small section of white that was on the edges outside of my selected area.  I then went under the Edit menu to choose the define pattern option.  I saved my grid pattern.  I then went back to my project following the same procedure I did for the binary pattern overlay.  I lowered the opacity of the layer to about 10% so that the grid wasn’t too bold.  Once again, I used the radial gradient to take away the heavy grid pattern on and near the face.  The final step was to add a text layer.

Here is my final project:

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