Ballet – Multiply

Well, I have been continue to try the different blending options to see how to create composite images.  This is another image on a white background so I used multiply again.  However, the image wasn’t as dark as I wanted so I made a copy of the layer.  I left the opacity on the 2nd layer at 100%.  This darkened the ballet shoe image to the level that I wanted.  Then to make the ballerina image stand out a bit more, I copied the layer and applied a high pass filter at a lower amount.  I changed the blending option to overlay and lowered the opacity to 73%.  The final touch was to add the text.  I clicked on the vertical text tool.  Then, I added a drop shadow layer style to the text layer.  I then used the rectangle marquee tool to select from the top of the image to the bottom of the image around the text.  Then I clicked on the move tool.  Once, I clicked on this it gave me the option in the move toolbar to center the selection vertically.

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