Masked Woman with Bokeh

For this composite image, I wanted to get a bit of a darker, grungier picture of the woman in the mask.  The easiest way for me to do this was to use Perfect Photo Suite 8.  Their Perfect Effects allows you to apply a variety of pre-formatted effects to an image.  For this image, I combined the bleach bypass, grunge, and HDR effects.  This gave me a grittier photograph to work with in Photoshop.  I could have done the same thing in Camera Raw, but it would have taken me longer to adjust the sliders to get the look.

Once in Photoshop, I decided to use an image of bokeh lights as a kind of texture.  I had opened the picture of the masked woman first, but decided that I needed to move the bokeh lights beneath the Perfect Effects layer.  I changed the blending option to screen.  Once I did that, I added a layer mask to the bokeh lights.  I then selected the gradient tool.  I chose the radial gradient.  I made sure that I used a foreground to transparent gradient.  I then applied the radial gradient to the areas around the masked woman’s face, hair, hand, and feather in the woman’s hair.  Her eyes were a light gray shade, but I wanted them to stand out a bit more.  I created a new layer chose a small brush set to overlay then lowered the opacity and flow of the brush.  I picked a subtle green shade.  I painted over the iris of her eyes to make her eyes stand out a bit more.  Finally, I copied the image of the masked woman.  I applied a high pass filter at very low level to sharpen the image just a bit more to make the bokeh lights look softer.  I then changed that layers blending option to soft light.

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