Mafia Men

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here.  I haven’t had much time to practice in Photoshop over the past few months.  As the saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.”  Since I haven’t been practicing, I am far from perfect.  This means I’m having to go back and do some reviewing on my selection techniques.  I still haven’t mastered that skill yet.  Although, I’m getting better with the quick selection tool.

For this creation, I used a lesson from Corey Barker’s book Down & Dirty Tricks for Designers, Volume II.  I didn’t follow his lesson exactly and I took a few shortcuts when it came to the HDR aspect of the picture.

I started out by making a selection of the guy with the quick selection tool.  I refined the edges of the selection (which I really didn’t have to do since I didn’t move the selection to another background).  Then I chose to have the selection as its own layer.  I then made 2 copies of that layer and applied a high pass filter to both layers.  I changed their blending mode to overlay.  Then I added a vibrance adjustment layer.  I set saturation at – 100 to remove all color.  (I could have done this with a hue/saturation adjustment layer instead.)

Then I added a new layer.  I picked a soft brush set on a small size.  I changed the blending mode to overlay and lowered the opacity to around 30%.  I chose a red color.  I then painted the red color on the two bands on the hat of the guy.  This is the only color element in the picture.  Then on a new layer (which I moved to near the bottom of the layers) I chose a large grunge brush.  I chose black as my color.  I painted the background with the grunge brush.  Since the layer was below the selections of the guy, the grunge was only painted on the background behind the guy.  I then added two new layers for the text.  I chose Steak font which I’ve purchased.  I added a layer style of a drop shadow.  I then created another new layer.  I chose a smaller sized grunge brush and painted over the letters to add a grittier look.

While this is different than the lesson in the book, it accomplishes a look that is similar.  Here is what I created:

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